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Chat with TantraPsychic - Karmic Astrology and Vedic Astrology in Toulon online. 20-25 years of practice in Vedic Astrology. HIGHEST LEVEL of ACCURACY *STUNNING FEEDBACKS *Try Me 1ce & LOOK NO FURTHER *ALL ANSWERS+SOLUTIONS+TIMEFRAMES*WHY I AM HIGHLY PRICED? ANSWER LIES IN MY REVIEWS & BIO*MAX REVIEWS ABT PREDICTIONS COMING TRUE- COUNT & COMPARE* * FOR BEST RESULTS-COME TO ME WITH FAITH, OPEN MIND & PATIENCE* *NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE* IF SOME PSYCHICS CAN'T OFFER MAGIC, HEALINGS, REMEDIES OR EVEN PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS TO UR PROBLEMS , IT DOESN'T MEAN NO ONE CAN'T :) •I am not a life coach or inspirational adviser. READINGS AND SUGGESTIONS COMING FROM ME WILL BE PURELY BASED ON MY PSYCHIC ABILITIES. •NO FAKE SALES & NO SUGAR COATING :D •NO JUDGEMENT. I will not even give suggestions until you want & ask for it (you can ask the reality and future and take your decision on your own in the light of my reading) or In case you ask for suggestion and to help you choose - that advice will be for your best interest not based on morality or ethics. •If a psychic tells u every thing accurately correct about past and present of the situation but what he or she predicts do not happen and suggestions do not work out as well. Then I feel that reading is a big waste, as you are paying to know what u already know ;) •I promise that I have never and will never tell you if you have any black magic, curse or negative energies etc. until you request me to check for it. •I promise that I have never and will never send emails suggesting more readings or updates. Updates are important but I let my clients decide when they need it. Free chat is not for sharing ur personal life & info.. **************************************************** SPELS / RITUALS/ BLACK MAGIC REMOVAL ETC. :- MAGIC IS OFFERED AT 9.99 EVEN WHEN I AM ON SALES. Go To http://community.oranum.com/en/psychic/1560/photos/profile/album/383484 & click on the various pictures, to read details about various types of magic i offer. You will also find many client feedbacks there for magic work, that will prove my capabilities. Special Note:-I do not cast money spells or spells to harm any one. *************************************************** *READ MY BIO & FEEDBACK, I BET U WILL BE AMAZED & WILL RETURN FOR A READING* *A MUST WATCH (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8dvgG-HGK4)* *SHOCKING BUT TRUE, WATCH IT TO BELIEVE IT (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uktRYa0EsD0)* *MY PREDICTION FOR DOOMS DAY CAME TRUE. See date (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgnCdcCR9bw&feature=youtu.be .) * Unlike others who claim they predicted world events, without mentioning where and when they predicted it. Lolzz *CLEAR, ACCURATE, PRECISE, FAST & TO THE POINT. NO PUZZLES & NO STORIES IN PRVTS* *5 STAR*TOP PSYCHIC-. HEALINGS-SUGGESTIONS-SPELLS & A LOT MORE.* NO FULL NAMES*, *NO DOBs*, * NO FALSE HOPES*, * NO TOOLS *,*NO KIDDING*, *REAL DEAL*. READINGS AT ITS BEST* *YES. YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR DESTINY AND I CAN SHOW YOU HOW* ************************************* *I AM INTUITIVE, EMPATH, CLAIRVOYANT, CLAIRAUDIENT, CLAIRSENTIENT, AUTOWRITER, SPELL CASTER,TAROT READER, ASTROLOGIST, PALMIST, GEMOLOGIST, SPIRITUALIST, INDIAN TANTRA AND DHYAAN YOGA EXPERT.* *I ALSO PERFORM DIVINE ENERGY HEALING AND BLOCKAGE REMOVAL.* *I ALSO SPECIALIZE IN EVIL EYE, POSSESSIONS, HAUNTED HOUSES, PASSED LOVED ONE, PAST LIFE, SPIRITS, SPIRITUAL ATTACKS, GETTING RID OF NEGATIVE FORCES AND SPIRITS* **************************************** *Note: - when i do psychic readings i do not rely on any tool. I have gifted vision and strong spirit guides to give your answers. I can use auto writing, angel or tarot spread for reassurance* **************************** *Some of my selected testimonials* • I have recently had three readings with Tantra to clear my house of a negative spirit. The difference is night and day compared to how it used to be. The presence of this spirit was ever present and I was always aware of it. Even at night, when I would sleep, I would be kept awake at night by this negative spirit. Every day I would battle with the negativity within my home and that was when I asked Tantra if he could help me. After our first cleansing, there was an immediate difference in the atmosphere of the house. It was like a weight being lifted from around my neck. Tantra is truly a talented psychic. I have consulted Tantra on many occasions in the past and he never falls short. He's definitely the best psychic I have ever consulted. Hermit_Kurama, Moultrie •OMG OMG OMG !!! IF U GUYS WANT REAL PSYCHIC THEN TANTRA IS THE ONLY 1 HERE, I TRIED MANY TOP PSYCHIC BUT TANTRA HAVE UNMATCH ABILITIES. I WANT TO ANNOUCE TO THE WHOLE WORLD THAT HIS PREDICTION HAPPEND IN MY LIFE IN JUST 1 WEEK ! IF U HAVE NOT TAKEN READING WITH TANTRA THEN U MUST BE MOST UNLUCKIEST PERSON !! TRY HIM U WILL LUV HIS HONESTY AND READINGS ! HE DONT ASK U DETAILS AND HE GIVE U GENIUNE INFORMATION ! HIS RATE AND PRICE IS WORTH ! I WILL ONLY TAKE READING FROM HIM peace147, europe •Omg ! There is no psychic needed if there is tantra here ! He is alone best !!! And enough for alll ! I see him very spiritual and powerful ! There is no match with this man! If any one want to expirence real answer he is the best deal here. I am inspired by him, i felt his energy ! He is no joke ! And very fast ! Love you tantra ! I will soon come back for more reading. lover344, chicago, illinois • Amazing... no words to describe it. He's very gifted, that's for sure. Helped me to speak with my parents who have been deceased for a couple of years, gave sound love-life advice and guidance, as well as career-path. I couldn't be more grateful. And to think... I was a skeptic a few years ago, hahahahahaha... boy was I wrong. He has changed the way I view the world, for the better. You can't put a price on the lessons you'll learn and the guidance you'll receive. I would recommend him to anyone that's looking for direction or clarity. 5 stars isn't enough... consider it 10 stars! P.S. I'm eternally grateful to you Sir... you've played an integral part in changing my life. I can't thank you enough for that. I wish you all the best and I'll be sure to keep you updated ;-) Thank you again! WutUpCuuuz, Birmingham, AL •I am a long-time client of Tantra. All his predictions have come true one by one. He has helped me through my career choices to my academic choices. Tantra does not sugarcoat, he tells you as it is even if it is bad news or predictions you might not want to hear. Knowing his accuracy with past predictions I am able to plan ahead. JO London •I always get the maximum results with Tantra. All of his predictions have come true for me... not lie!! I think a person would be foolish not to try him, especially if they are really in need. Very polite, compassionate and accurate. I have great affection for him and am very grateful that he makes himself available to me.Uvrs53, Winston-Salem •I only go to him, he is reliable and kind, delivers the harshest news with kindest heart.I am sure of his ability, and inspired me to follow on with my current conduct. He also predicted a particular time period for positive feedback for interview and it also happened. kookie1886 - •I repeat! Tantra is the best on Oranum! He is always accurate and all of his predictions for me has came true. I trust what he tells me because I have seen his predictions come true! He is simply the best!dabountychic119, maryland • I am speechless, like literally speechless over the prediction Tantra gave me an hour ago. Honestly, I have no words to describe when it came true, i instantly came back on to tell him. I'm just shocked. He is accurate, and a wonderful cheerful person. I only now come to him because i trust him so much with my problems in life. This hasn't been the first prediction that came true. Many have that he saw. I'm just speechless how everytime he gets it right! Thank you so much :) God bless you! vari Toronto • He is by far the best! I may not always like what I hear but it's because he'll tell you exactly what it is, the truth and nothing else. But despite all those not so good straightforward and honest predictions, there's always a hope behind. He'll make rough things not so rough anymore. That's how I see tantra because I've been taking consult with tantra since I've discovered Oranum and he has not failed me... not even once. lagreta79, CA •His prediction came true... It was so unexpected.. And was in the same time frame as he had told.. Just that I got to know of it quite late..as in only now.. It means a lot because no prediction has ever come true for me no matter how big or small... And OMG what can I say about today's reading..exceptional..picked up something I was hiding ;) Must go and have a reading with him..price is high, but worth every single penny..thank you!! niha, Washington •I've had many sessions with tantra, and I have to keep coming back for more, I trust him completely -- ive tried other psychics out of curiousity but I have to still come back to tantra! j, n america •He was right. Totally the only one that did get it right. I didn't get the job while everyone else said I will. beautifuleyes999, San Diego, CA ************************************************************************ LEGAL DISCLAIMER:- This service is for entertainment purposes only. This service is offered to persons over 18 years of age with their personal will and no one is compelled. No reading, prediction and/or remedy given by me should be substituted with appropriate professional advice on any matter of occupation, health, pregnancy, fertility, birth, death, legal matters, finance etc. All decisions, choices and /or actions are the responsibility of the client.

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